Ricardo Rodriguez Long

Can You Make a Split-Second Decision?

Our brain can have endless visions, thoughts, and perceptions. It uses all of those to create a unique world for us. What you choose to wear, like, do, mingle with, and so on results from what your brain tells you...

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Metaverse Nashville

When UTA was created, most of us were learning to navigate on computers using the DOS system. We carried pagers and had accounts at the local 1Hr. Photo store and stood anxiously next to a fax machine waiting for a...

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Electrifying Drayage Operations

In the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, more than six thousand class 8 trucks are used to move hundreds of containers from one place to another daily. State initiatives to improve the air quality include replacing all these...

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Beyond reaction thinking

I am guilty, as most people today, of a certain amount of first-level thinking daily. I hear some news, and I quickly Google the subject. Then I assume that what I read is correct. I am hungry, and I grab...

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Selling Hightech

We are living at a technological crossroads in the transportation world. The movement of goods is going to change. Nothing ever remains the same, but the future of transportation will take us to another level that was unthinkable a century...

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Asset Management at US395 Motors

There is no question that we are in a transitory period. Perhaps a change so significant that it will take a few years before we realize where we are going next as a society on a global scale. Denying that...

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