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Hispanic Motor Press is a non-profit foundation 501(c)3. The objective of the organization is to educate and help the Hispanic Consumer to move towards mobility that is clean, affordable, capable of reducing greenhouse emissions and improve our air quality. Our educational programs and content helps the Hispanic Consumer to understand the long term benefits of clean transportation. We provide objective and practical information to the Hispanic Community so that they can select which clean vehicle would fit best for their needs. We include all sectors of transportation (commercial vehicles, cars, motorcycles). We work with industry leaders and regulators to share programs that improve motor vehicle technology and encourage technology innovation. Hispanic

Clean Transportation

Hector Russo y la nueva Honda

Por una semana pude conducir el nuevo Honda CR-V Hybrid Touring 2020, un crossover compacto híbrido muy divertido de manejar, económico y con algunos...


Reseña UConnect 5

Mary Ann Capo y  Vince Galante , ambos integrantes del equipo Chrysler Pacifica, dieron a conocer los detalles del la nueva version UConnect 5....

Impacto en ventas – Camilo Alfaro

En la segunda parte de la serie especial de reportajes sobre el Impacto Hispano en la industria automotriz y lo que hacen los fabricantes...

Hyundai Sonata


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