Electric cars are the future, for real this time.

Hybrid and electric cars are definitely more environmentally friendly than a car that runs on an internal combustion engine (gasoline or diesel. Numerous investigations have shown that these types of are more efficient and therefore produce less harmful emissions, even when they are considered to be the emissions created by the plants that generate the electricity.

From a personal finance perspective, driving a hybrid or electric car helps save on fuel costs.

On the other hand, electric cars will not only help achieve national goals to reduce greenhouse emissions, but will also improve air quality for all

An electric car has zero greenhouse emissions because it relies on a battery to power its engine and does not burn any fuel internally. They also require fewer harmful fluids and pollutants, such as motor oil and coolants
Extensive research has shown that electric vehicles are more efficient and therefore greener. Even if you were to charge an electric car using electricity generated from fossil fuels, the fuel efficiency of an electric car is 4% higher than that of a gasoline car. By 2025, an electric car will be able to drive a distance equal to a gasoline car while consuming only two-thirds of the energy.