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This is Luxury, New Genesis GV70

By Ricardo Rodriguez L.

The most demanding consumer in the auto industry is in the United States. And pleasing a buyer looking for a premium luxury SUV has been a challenge for the established brands. In today’s world, you need to excel in every aspect, including the feel you get from owning and driving these 4,000 lbs of complex materials.

You expect a certain level of detail and refinement as you drive these cars, and they have to make you look good among your peers. None of these things are easy to achieve. Much less on a brand new product. So when I read in the cars magazines about the impressive Genesis GV70 I had to try it myself to believe it or not.

The Korean luxury maker is a relatively new brand. Genesis was introduced as an independent marquee in 2015, and the first Genesis G90 sedan appeared in 2017. This was a car to compete with no other than the Mercedes Benz S-class. It confused many journalists since there was little to criticize in terms of build quality and high standards. How could they have done it?

In just a few years, the model lineup has expanded, and every car has been up to par, and sometimes even exceeding, the offerings of the German builders. JD Power’s initial Quality Surveys have given the company the highest ratings in its segments. So when I took delivery of the Barossa burgundy matte colored GV70, I already had higher expectations than I usually have, especially since this paint color was inspired by Australia’s wine region.

It is true that all starts with the look. And the GV70 exterior designed by Ki-Eok Kim has a touch of elegance combined with agility and strength where it is needed. A car that seems ready to jump forward with grace and poise. For example, the lights treatment at the front, with the hood of the car going over them, gives the impression of an eyebrow. In the back, the arched-shaped chromed molding for the window gives the impression of a coupe model. It looks different than anything else in its category.

The interior goes beyond good looks. It appeals to emotions with combinations of textures and high-quality materials. These complement each other in harmony so that you can feel 

the luxurious ambient around you. There are patterns on the moldings, on the seats, that you can feel with your fingers and excites your senses. There is no question you are in a luxury car.

The GV70 is equipped with a turbocharged 2.5-liter engine capable of 300 HP. An eight-speed automatic transmission and AWD propelled the car well, and it feels agile and lightweight. 

There is a bigger engine option capable of 375 HP from a twin-turbo V6. This motor makes the GV70 a fast sports car. If you think you needed it is available. But the base I felt it offers the best overall package.

As expected, it comes loaded with tech and connectivity. The driver assistance features do not interfere much with your driving, which I consider a big plus. The overall size is perfect for all except larger families. The medium size gives it plenty of interior room. I doubt you will ever need more. The SUV starts at $42,000 and is pretty well equipped for being a “base” model. Depending on your taste, you can choose from a “sporty” version or more “tech & audio .”Either way, this is one of the few cars that I would suggest looking into the upper trims since, given the quality and dependability, you will probably keep it for a longer time.

I have to admit that all the accolades and awards are deserving, especially for an all-new model. With the pricing being lower than its competitors, there is no question that this Genesis is the best value SUV in the luxury compact class.

Ricardo Rodriguez Long