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LABest Top Ten cars for your business, Best valued company cars

Very few people in Los Angeles can go to work using public transportation, and if you are a business professional, a vehicle is almost a necessity.  You need a car to not only visit clients, but also to take them out to entertain. You may also have to carry files, boxes, and tools to do what you do.

Image is everything in the business world. An attorney showing up in a Nissan Sentra may not give you the same vibe as if he drives the latest Aston Martin. We are in LA after all. Dress for success is what the professionals say and that applies to what you drive as well.

To select this LABest Top Ten Business Cars I looked into state labor statistics, average profession income, as well as the needs that a car would require for that professional.  From the cars perspective I  took into account the performance, pricing, quality index, and overall value. These cars need to have certain presence and introduce high quality materials while maintaining reasonable price limits. Transportation cost is part of your business.

As a business professional you will also be looking to get the best deal, as well as likely being able to write its cost off through your business entity. A lease could be best to maintain the new car look all the time. After months of comparing all the data, certain cars rose to the top. The selection may surprise you.

Top salesman tend to have a certain flair and build relationships with their customers. The Genesis GV80 is a car that will give them something more to talk about. This is the new flagship for the luxury brand that has the Germans scratching their heads. It physically stands out in a crowded luxury SUV segment and its interior is one of the best, regardless of price. At around $65,000 for a nicely equipped SUV, this car definitely  impresses at every level.

Attorney’s are used to living well, including with their cars, which could sometimes trigger the minds of their clients to think, “Am I paying too much for their services”. A Lexus fits the bill here. The best quality and long-term reliability, full of “small” details through its interior and exterior, makes the Lexus LS500 Ha great choice. The interior design is outstanding, and the look is ultra premium. The craftsmanship that goes into this car is incredible. One of the most refined vehicles in the world. The hybrid version is the best, at around $85,000 being considerably less than their competitors while still being a lot more reliable.

Doctors are conscientious and in touch with the marvelous machine that is the human body. The Volvo XC60 Plug-in, not only is the best-selling Volvo, it has a wonderful interior ambience that exudes nature in feel. And now it incorporates the Google assistant system. The best integration that I have tested to date where the car almost becomes the extension of your phone, giving you the option to be connected at all times. On top of that, it drives great and helps saving the environment by driving about 30 miles on pure electricity. I found its price of mid $60,000 very competitive for the overall package you get.

A contractor divides their time with clients and at the work site. He needs space and the ability to get components on short notice to finish an important job. The GMC Sierra 1500 Denali can handle pretty much anything. From its luxurious interior, where you can take customers with you, to being able to tow almost 10,000 lbs, this truck is superior in looks, specs, and content. I found several loaded units at LA dealers for $62,000. The price is right for a truck with so many premium features.

Engineers are looking at problem solving all the time and in their vehicles they want things that are not over-engineered just for the sake of doing so.. For the most part they appreciate things that are well put together and not so fancy. The Acura RDX is just that. Proven quality, comfortable interior, great on LA’s freeways and for $46,000 it takes all the guess out.

Managers are leaders and skilled at delegating. Many treat all coworkers as their extended family. My pick for a “family” car is the KIA Telluride. An SUV that has become a sensation since its introduction. KIA tops the quality index, and its California design team has found the design language Californians love. Named car of the year by many organizations. Managers know how to negotiate so they will find a deal as low as $40,000.

No other state comes close to the popularity of realtors like our own, with approximately 200,000 of them.  How do you carry all the signs without having a truck? And a car rides much better as well. I found the right combination in the Buick Enclave Avenir. This is a very comfortable car with lots of interior room and a smooth ride. Fully loaded Enclaves are available at around $50,000.

Commuting in LA can empty your gas tank while never going over 40 mph. If you are one of the thousands of Angelinos in the delivery business, a car that was designed for heavy traffic is the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid. For about $28,000 you get one of the most efficient cars in the world, doing 50-52 mpg all day long. The 26 cubic feet of cargo space nearly doubles when you fold the rear seats. If saving on fuel is part of your business strategy, this is it.

For bigger items and the new door-to-door delivery business, the Ford Transit 150 is the best option in terms of space, performance, and efficiency. I was impressed on how well it handles and the better fuel economy than the Ford Pick-Up truck. With almost 500 cubic feet of enclosed cargo space and capable of towing 7500 lbs, this is one heck of a commercial van. The price of around $32,000 is for the base model, but you can order it with seats or shelves too. There is a stretched version also, so you won’t go wrong with it.

Software developers, data scientist, and all high-tech professionals are looking at the future. The Porsche Taycan has all the latest tech in the automotive world and it is powered by two electric motors, an 800 volts architecture, and unbelievable power. But overall, what made it my choice is that this is still a driver’s cars. It performs like a supercar yet feels and looks like a comfy four door sedan. The $100,000 is on par with the rest of the high tech EV’s in the market, and if you are in the high-tech world, chances are you’re making some dough.

You may be surprised at some of my choices on this list, but remember that I am looking and comparing data with my driving experiences. The best car for you is the one that meets your professional needs and fulfills your personal desires. The car companies have changed, and some are still getting repeat business from good loyal customers. I believe that is time for you explore a bit more and you will see for yourself how many surprises you too will encounter. The business world has changed, and we need to adapt and accept the changes to succeed. The black Cadillac Escalade days are gone.

Ricardo Rodriguez Long