For immediate release – Los Angeles, August 1, 2017

The Hispanic Motor Press Foundation has selected a new panel of judges for 2018 whom will evaluate and select the top ten best new cars for the Hispanic family.

The 8th annual independent awards that recognize the best automobiles for the Hispanic family are underway.

The jury panel is comprised of national Hispanic journalists who will evaluate the vehicles from their perspective keeping the Hispanic audience’s preferences foremost in their minds. They will select the best automobiles, one in each category, to help Latino families with their search for a new vehicle. An educated consumer is a satisfied consumer and the awards provide the Hispanic Consumer with outstanding choices.

Auto manufacturers voluntarily submit their entries and the panel evaluates the vehicles on their features including pricing, safety, comfort, and overall value. The final vehicle winners represent the most significant cars in the market, and the best in their class as they meet the needs and desires of Hispanic families.

The Hispanic Motor Press Awards 2018 panelists are:

Camilo Alfaro – Mr. Alfaro is the CEO of AUTOPROYECTO. The company content is distributed across all platforms (social media, web, TV) and connects auto enthusiast with the latest automobiles entering the market.
German Angel – Mr. Angel has been a part of the Socal Public TV for over a decade. The charismatic Mr. Angel produces the TV show ENFOQUE SOCIAL, a multi-cultural programming that reflects the needs and pulse of the city.
Karen Blanco – Ms. Blanco is the publisher and editor EJECUTIVA Magazine and NEGOCIOS Magazine, the number one source for Hispanic business makers in the country. The Miami based magazines features editorials about the successful Hispanic entrepreneurs and how to prepare and learn to do business in the USA.

German Botero-  Mr. Botero has been part of Automundo Magazine and TV for over a decade. An avid motorsport enthusiast and car guru that writes about  his experiences and test drives for the U.S as well as for PERU. He is a SAMA member. 

Sergio Carlo –  Mr. Carlo is a TV host and producer that generates content related to technology. He also produces de #Antinoticiero, a TV news show for Latin America. 

Manuel Carrillo III- A Porsche 911 S brought Mr. Carrillo III home from the hospital after he was born, so it’s no surprise his lifelong trajectory has centered on cars, leading him to where he is now: Automotive Content Editor at Internet Brands

Miguel Cortina Tamayo-  Chief editor for Motor Trend en Español a website dedicated to the U.S. Hispanics. Mr. Tamayo ‘s reviews are featured on both (English and Spanish) versions of the world popular car magazine 2015. He stared his journalism career, spending two years in Televisa before taking the role as project manager at Autos Terra Motor Trend. Shortly after that, Miguel moved to Los Angeles to take the lead of Motor Trend en Español.

 Emilio Lezcano – Mr. Lezcano has been publishing automobile reviews since 1986. A regular contributor to MIAMI HERALD, LA PRENSA NY, EL NUEVO DIA P.R., among others, he was awarded Journalist of the year. He is also an accomplished race car driver, travel journalist and member of Southern Automotive Media Assoc. (SAMA).

Davina Ferreira – Ms. Ferreira is the publisher of ALEGRIA Magazine. Covering the Latin American Arts, Fashion & Culture in California. Her mission is to give the affluent Hispanics a way to discover the bicultural experience of the state.
Luis Fernandez – Well known TV documentary producer, Mr. Fernandez also started Voxel Group 12 years ago , a company that produces TV content for the USA Europe and Latin American markets. Member of the Southern Automotive Media Assoc. (SAMA).
Jose “Pepe” Forte – Mr. Forte is the anchor and producer of the radio shows El ATICO DE PEPE (WAQI 710) and AUTOMANIA (WQBA 1140). A multi-talented personality, Pepe brings his favorite themes (politics, music, design, cameras, and cars) to the Hispanic audience with humor and charm. Member of the Southern Automotive Media Assoc. (SAMA).
Jaime Florez – Mr. Florez is host and producer of the automotive radio show RUEDAS ESPN, broadcast through the ESPN DEPORTES radio network. He is also the director for PREMSA Inc., a leading marketing firm creating multicultural campaigns., and past president of Southern Automotive Media Assoc. (SAMA).

Juan Garcia –  Editor in Chief of Digital Trends en Español, one of the leading consumer technology publishers in the United States. More than 25 million unique visitors each month and it reaches 90 million tech influencers through the Digital Trends Media Network. Mr. Garcia has over 20Yrs in the media industry and is also a contributor to The Dallas Morning News and was recognized by Associated Press for his work.

Jeffrey Gomez – Founder and visionary behind The Snob Magazine, Mr. Gomez is an expert on the exclusive nature of all things luxury. From LA to the world his publication is a tribute to the luxury lifestyle. Member of Motor Press Guild.
Silvia Ichar – Para Todos magazine celebrates 20 years serving the Hispanic small business community in Southern California. Ms. Ichar is the publisher and has received several accolades from the US Small Business Administration, Hispanic PR Assoc., and Latina Business Women Assoc. Content creator for Hispanic Motor Press.
Enrique Kogan – One of the pioneers of automotive journalism in Spanish in the USA. Mr. Kogan knowledge of the auto industry is vast and his car review features are found within the pages of PUROS AUTOS, FORBES, HUFFINGTON POST, and most Spanish newspaper’s in the country.
Alejandro Maciel – Editorial director for HOY LOS ANGELES/LOS ANGELES TIMES, Mr. Maciel has achieved a broad- ranging career in Hispanic media. A graduate of UNAM (Mexico), he was previously the editor of PEOPLE en Español and La Prensa in New York.

Maria RavaniPresident of Genius Communications Group and for the past 16 years, editor for Só Sobre Rodas Magazine, published in the Portuguese language. Só Sobre Rodas is a monthly publication dedicated to the auto industry, also covering tourism, motorcycles, and aviation, connecting a vast and growing Brazilian community in the US.

Roger Rivero – A car enthusiast since childhood, Mr. Rivero writes and produce’s editorial content featuring the automobile. He is member of the North West Automotive Press Association (NWAPA) and National Assoc. Hispanic Journalists.
Ricardo Rodriguez-Long – Host of the radio show GARAGE LATINO, editor of GARAGE LA Magazine, and content producer for TV, Film, Radio. He has been awarded by the Motorcycle Industry Council and Truck Writers NA (TWNA) for his contributions to the Hispanic Consumer. Member of Motor Press Guild (MPG) and National Assoc. Hispanic Journalists.
Aaron Sanchez – Mr. Sanchez talents can be heard on ABC-RadioNews KMET 1490. His shows feature social and community news for the predominantly Hispanic population of the Inland Empire in Southern California. Content creator for Hispanic Motor Press.

Gil Silva-  Mr. Silva has been part of the Mitchell group for over a decade. He filters through sales, repairs, and maintenance data to create content for the famous Mitchell collision manuals. His direct OEM contact makes him understand the quality and methods of assembly and repair.