Hispanic Awards Best cars for 2018 ! (English)

LOS ANGELES, November 28 , 2017 — The 8th annual Hispanic Motor Press Awards recognizes the best ten new cars of 2018 for the Hispanic consumer. The awards are organized by the Hispanic Motor Press Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c)3 educational organization that helps educate Hispanics on cleaner mobility through grass roots efforts and events.


The jury panel for the 2018 awards is comprised of Hispanic automotive journalists, bloggers, and industry influencers selected by the organization’s advisory board. Twenty individuals and one jury director form the panel. They evaluate the vehicles from their perspective keeping the Hispanic audience’s preferences foremost in their minds. An educated consumer is a satisfied consumer and the awards provide the Hispanic consumers with outstanding choices based on the judging panels own experiences with the vehicles.


“We are proud and honored that the Hispanic Motor Press Awards are widely recognized by the automobile industry with multiple brands using the awards on their advertising and marketing campaigns,” said Ricardo Rodriguez-Long, founder of the foundation . “Our independence from specific media outlets and voluntary submissions by car manufactures give our jury panel the ability to choose vehicles without any compromise or pressure thus leveling the field for all participants”.

The ten vehicle winners represent the most significant new cars in the market and the best value in their class as it relates to the Hispanic family. The 2018 winners are:

Sub-compact car:        Kia Rio

Compact car:               Mazda 3

Sedan car:                    Toyota Camry

Deluxe car:                  Lexus LS

Minivan:                     Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Crossover:                   Nissan Rogue

SUV:                           Lincoln Navigator

Sports car:                   Ford Mustang

Adventure 4×4:           Jeep Wrangler

Pick-up Truck:            Ford F150

Each vehicle’s virtues were assessed as they related to the typical Hispanic family in the U.S. The awards’ vetting process includes test drives, mass-market availability, and affordability data valuations. The committee took into account overall design, comfort, safety, performance, functionality, accessory content, driver satisfaction, consumer final cost, and overall value package to select the vehicles that offer the best value for the Hispanic consumer. The Hispanic Motor Press Awards 2018 panelists are: Camilo Alfaro (CEO of AUTOPROYECTO); German Angel (Producer and anchor of TV show ENFOQUE SOCIAL); Karen Blanco (Publisher and editor EJECUTIVA Magazine and NEGOCIOS Magazine); German Botero (Us editor Automundo Magazine ); Sergio Carlo (TV host and producer #Antinoticiero, and TV news shows for Latin America); Manuel Carrillo III- (Automotive Content Editor at Internet Brands); Miguel Cortina Tamayo- (Chief editor for Motor Trend en Español); Emilio Lezcano –( Auto and travel Journalist); Davina Ferreira – (Publisher of ALEGRIA Magazine); Luis Fernandez –(TV content for the USA Europe and Latin American markets); Jose “Pepe” Forte – (Anchor and producer of El ATICO DE PEPE); Jaime Florez – (Host and producer of RUEDAS ESPN); Juan Garcia – (Editor in Chief of Digital Trends en Español); Jeffrey Gomez – (Publisher The Snob Magazine); Silvia Ichar – (Publisher-editor Para Todos magazine); Enrique Kogan – (Editor – publisher PUROS AUTOS); Alejandro Maciel – (Editorial director for HOY Los Angeles/L.A. Times); Maria Ravani – (President of Genius Communications Group and editor for Sobre Rodas Magazine); Roger Rivero – (Auto journalst); Ricardo Rodriguez-Long – (Host of the radio show GARAGE LATINO, editor of GARAGE LA Magazine); Aaron Sanchez – (Host-producer ABC-RadioNews KMET 1490); Gil Silva- (Editor-annalist at the Mitchell group).