The best 10 cars for the Hispanic consumer in 2018

The 8th annual Hispanic Motor Press Awards recognizes the ten best new vehicles of 2018 for the Hispanic consumer. The awards are organized by the Hispanic Motor Press Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c)3 educational organization that helps educate Hispanics on cleaner mobility through grass roots efforts and events.

According to data from Polk, Hispanics are projected to spend $18 billion on new vehicles in 2018. Hispanic auto buyers will account for 25 percent of the growth in new-vehicle sales. The impact of Latinos continues to increase exponentially in the market, influencing auto companies to consider and incorporate the needs and wants of the largest minority group in the country.

“California is known for setting the trends in the automotive industry and with the largest Hispanic population in the U.S, it is the place to find out what we like,” said Ricardo Rodriguez-Long, President of the Hispanic Motor Press Foundation.

The jury panel for the 2018 awards is comprised of Hispanic automotive journalists, bloggers, and industry influencers selected by the organization’s advisory board. Twenty individuals and one jury director form the panel. They evaluate the vehicles from their perspective keeping the Hispanic audience’s preferences foremost in their minds. An educated consumer is a satisfied consumer and the awards provide the Hispanic consumers with outstanding choices based on the judging panels own experiences with the vehicles.

The ten vehicle winners represent the most significant new cars in the market and the best value in their class as it relates to the Hispanic family. The 2018 winners are:

Sub-compact car: Kia Rio

Compact car: Mazda 3

Sedan car: Toyota Camry

Deluxe car: Lexus LS

Minivan: Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Crossover: Nissan Rogue

SUV: Lincoln Navigator

Sports car: Ford Mustang

Adventure 4×4: Jeep Wrangler

Pick-up Truck: Ford F150

The Hispanic Motor Press Awards is the only independent Hispanic awards presented in the country for the Hispanic community to enhance their vehicle experience by evaluating the various options available in the market. The jury panel is comprised of national Hispanic journalists, content creators, and influencers who assess the vehicles while considering key purchase drivers for Hispanic families in quality, reliability, style, safety, and value.

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Ricardo Rodríguez-Long
Ricardo’s Bio In Southern California, center of the car culture, it’s tough to straddle the line of professional passion for all things motive. Yet, Ricardo Rodriguez-Long has done so since arriving from Argentina, combining his education (BS in Automotive Science and Industrial Design) with his ardor for all forms of mobilized art. Ricardo’s career has taken him from broken fingernails to broken records. Ricardo’s photojournalism excellence has allowed him to supply copy and images for newspapers and magazines around the globe in both English and Spanish. He is the first Hispanic photographer to be granted a solo show at LAPC in Los Angeles. He created the first Spanish automotive radio program in the US which is still on air; the first Spanish language trucking magazine; the first automotive TV show in Spanish in the US (broadcasted on over 30 countries through CANAL SPEED and Azteca America TV Network); and Ricardo is the first Hispanic to receive the Golden Award for journalism by the Truck Writers of North America. This prestigious awards is coveted by more than 250 journalist in the commercial truck market in Canada, United States and Mexico.