Is finally being built ?

A few days ago the logo for the new car change, and now Reuters tell us that the long awaited for Model 3 finally will see production. February 20 is the date mentioned to start building the pre-production model. In the world of leaks and tweets would this be “fake” news? I, personally, still can not make business sense of this enterprise. What is the future? Are you putting your deposit now?  

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Ricardo Rodríguez-Long
Ricardo’s Bio In Southern California, center of the car culture, it’s tough to straddle the line of professional passion for all things motive. Yet, Ricardo Rodriguez-Long has done so since arriving from Argentina, combining his education (BS in Automotive Science and Industrial Design) with his ardor for all forms of mobilized art. Ricardo’s career has taken him from broken fingernails to broken records. Ricardo’s photojournalism excellence has allowed him to supply copy and images for newspapers and magazines around the globe in both English and Spanish. He is the first Hispanic photographer to be granted a solo show at LAPC in Los Angeles. He created the first Spanish automotive radio program in the US which is still on air; the first Spanish language trucking magazine; the first automotive TV show in Spanish in the US (broadcasted on over 30 countries through CANAL SPEED and Azteca America TV Network); and Ricardo is the first Hispanic to receive the Golden Award for journalism by the Truck Writers of North America. This prestigious awards is coveted by more than 250 journalist in the commercial truck market in Canada, United States and Mexico.